Raw Potluck with Running Raw around Australia

It is my great pleasure to announce this event. This is a unique opportunity to meet the wonderful Janette and Alan from Running Raw around Australia. Time: 21st December 2013 at 6pm. See the details at our Raw Tassie facebook group. Alternatively, email Gosia at rawtassie.

The event is organized and hosted by Gosia, who likes to keep her kitchen fruity.

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Thank you very much for those who attended. Warm regards to those who could not make it. We recorded a special video message for all of our Raw Tassie folks by Janette and Alan. See the bottom of this page.

Who are Running Raw around Australia? They run a marathon a day for 366 consecutive days. Janette is 64 and Alan is 68. Janette was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 52 and given 6 months, or a year if she did chemo/radiation, which she refused to do. Instead, she made lifestyle choices which changed her life. Both Janette and Alan are raw foodists. They run their daily marathons while eating a completely raw plant-based diet of fruit and veggies. They are able to achieve what they do not in spite, but because of their diet, which allows their bodies to thrive.

An article about Janette and Alan appeared in the Mercury online news on December 23, 2013.

You can continue to show your support for Running Raw around Australia by visiting their website, liking their facebook page, by buying their books, being part of their upcoming 2014 Australia Book & Speaking Tour, and offering donations – by doing so you contribute to a great cause!

Running Raw around Australia are here! Below are some snapshots from their visit.

Janette, Alan and their wonderful support crew Sylvia and Keith. Ann, another member of support crew arrived later that day.


They get up at 4am every day, start running in the morning, then refill and complete the rest of their run. This is the second part of their run, just before they depart.

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A rare moment. Gosia’s Mum completed multiple marathons as well as a 100km run, and was very happy to meet such an inspiring couple.


You can spot Mount Wellington from here.

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They are actually going to do 366. This is going to be the world record!

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The atmosphere at the potluck was fantastic. Janette and Alan are incredibly inspiring. Say “raw”.   :)

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Janette is a great story teller. One of the stories she told us was about how she saved a snake from being run over by two trucks!

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A photo of Janette’s book I took just after the potluck. I thought that the fruity background was most appropriate.

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Food was delicious! This is not how we eat daily, but it is good to have some party food from time to time. Lasagne, pizza, pad thai, apple pie, cheezecake, bliss balls, lemon bread, salads, fruit. Recipes are coming soon.

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Millie Vanilie. Got quite a few hugs and pats. Lucky her.

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Special message from Janette and Alan to all Raw Tassie folks: