Raw foods enthusiasts in Tasmania. We hold raw picnics and share fun time together. You are more than welcome to be part of the next one.


If you would like to connect, suggest an idea to discuss or an event to organize, please join our Raw Tassie facebook group. Alternatively, email Gosia (Raw Tassie admin) at rawtassie – we will pass your message to all our Raw Tassie folks.

Raw Tassie was funded several years ago when a number of enthusiasts decided to meet.

Raw Tassie

Raw Tassie is a community-based collaborative project which aims to promote raw vegan foods, share useful resources and support one another. At the heart of it there are raw foodists, such as Gosia, Mercia, Lisa and others, who have experienced real and significant health benefits as the result of embracing raw lifestyle. We are eager to network and serve the wider community by sharing our experience.

We had many picnics, but they were not all recorded on any particular one website, except at Raw Pleasure at one point when they started. There is some record of picnics at Gosia’s website RawGosia, and at our Raw Tassie ning forum, also Alan recorded some of them at his website OtisBeanery. We have been using our Raw Tassie facebook group for frequent communications recently.

To learn about our upcoming events, please visit our Events page.


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